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Female Husky
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  • Views : 79,796
  • Duration : 01:38
  • Comments : 14
First Video


Vixen14 commented 4 years ago
Wow fellow yiffers thank you for nearly 2,000 views
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dragonninja777 commented 4 years ago
ohhh nice vid man that husky is sexy
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Oli_Husky commented 4 years ago
Wow this husky would love a piece of that :P
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wolfywetfurr commented 4 years ago
Love the suit.
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yiffyboy commented 3 years ago
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TheRockSpirit commented 3 years ago
Next time, count me in :3
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Wamphyri10 commented 3 years ago
She is so sexy wish i could have fun with her :)
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ji commented 3 years ago
none of these videos work on iOS mobile devices.

you may want to approach the owner of this website in order to suggest they update their video players with alternatives which do allow the thousands of web users with apple hardware to view all of your content.
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NC_Grizzly commented 2 years ago
I would love a piece of that.
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JohnnyKlebitz commented 2 years ago
Id tap that :3
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Ragnar the Vixen commented 2 years ago
Fair Gentle Husky-girl ;)
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voxiiDagon commented 2 years ago
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Wolvenstein commented 1 year ago
SUPER PISSED vids dont work on Xbox........what am i missing out on
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